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James Meneses is a Chilean Chinese Playwright, Actor and Producer based in NYC. He recently produced and wrote the book for the NYC industry reading of HERE IS GONE a Sci-fi musical featuring the Goo Goo Dolls. James’ play DREAM FRAGMENTATION, was produced by the Greenhouse Ensemble at the Bernie Wohl Center.  His play WHILE YOU WAIT, an experimental one act drama with dance and performance art received a production on the Upper West side at Theater 97 (NYC); Other plays include, CROSS FROM ROME (Greenhouse Ensemble's 6th 10min play festival); GHOST HUNT OF THE PANDEMIC (Theater Unmasked, zoom reading); MAMA'S BABY BOXER (Dramatists Guild Foundation, reading)

James was a producer of Frank Tangredi's World premiere Play MUSE. (The Tank)


Before embarking on the journey of playwriting, James acted in over a dozen plays in NYC, including SUNSHINE QUEST at the Wild Project, 44TH AND 9TH written by Christy Hall,  and SECOND SEAT which received the best play award at the New York Theater festival. James co-starred with Judith Roberts (Orange is the New Black) in the comedy short film REUNION. (ECU Film Festival, Chelsea Film Festival)


James is a proud member of the DRAMATISTS GUILD. He was previously a member of NEXT STAGE, a producing program led by Ken Davenport, as well as The GREENHOUSE ENSEMBLE and The ART OF BECOMING, a dramatic improv group.  


James has trained in playwriting with Julie McKee (HB Studio) and Lia Romeo (ESPA); He studied acting with Austin Pendleton, Michael Beckett (HB Studio); Susan Pilar, Heater Benton, Lester Shane (American Academy of Dramatic Arts); and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architectural Technology from Alfred State College.

Photos by Bronwen Sharp

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Driven by a premonition that her unborn son will be separated from her at birth, Bianca Sullivan a loyal civilian begins to defy the rules set by her country’s authoritarian leadership. HERE IS GONE intertwines the evocative tunes of the GOO GOO DOLLS to tell a tale of sacrifice, rebellion, and the limitless power of dreams, while exploring a futuristic world where genuine human connection is overridden by laws and technological advancements.

 Reading Presentation of HERE IS GONE a Goo Goo Dolls Musical (March 7th 2024)






   Exploring the blurred lines between inspiration and obsession; a gripping family drama

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"FOOTBALL BALLERINA"  In this play, the bond between two sisters, Michelle and Sarah Lombardo, takes center stage. Michelle, who is autistic, uses rituals to summon the spirits of their ancestors to convince Sarah to return to playing football. When words fail her, Michelle finds solace in song, using music to express the depth of her emotions. The story unfolds like a memory, shifting between this period and 11 years earlier when Sarah was entering the college football stage, a time when their father, a recovering alcoholic, grapples with the grief of losing their mother, and begins to withdraw from his children. A time when Sarah must navigate the demands of taking care of Michelle, while facing the pressure of pursuing her own dreams of becoming the first female professional football player.

"MAMA'S BABY BOXER" a Latino family's journey through mental health challenges and grief, intertwined with magical realism. Amidst a hospital's behavioral health unit Riot, the head nurse is dismissed, and passes away a few days later in her sleep. Her son, Gonzalo, enters as a patient with her urn, unveiling a resolve to confront the instigator of the Riot, Sammy the Screaming Giant, a former prizefighter.

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WHILE YOU WAIT (a play with dance and performance art) by James Meneses

at the West 97th Theater

Always exciting to see a Greenhouse show because you never know what to expect! Congratulations to the cast and crew of While You Wait on such an honest, vulnerable and sincere performance. Thank you for the courage to explore and share your intimate feelings about art, human relationships and the theater. Cannot wait to see it again in the future!”

– Di Zhu, Managing Director, The Russian Arts Theatre and Studio

On set with Margaret Reed, Judith Roberts and Ruya Koman 


at the Greenhouse Ensemble's screening of "Lifestyle Content"


Reading of HERE IS GONE

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