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Cros From Rome

CROSS FROM ROME or Three Catholics Eat Lasagna with the Atheist

Lucia plans on introducing George, her American atheist boyfriend to her devout Roman Catholic family in Italy, but after a religious joke goes wrong at a dinner party, the line between just supporting Lucia’s faith and adhering to it himself starts to form and become slippery.


West Side Community Garden

Greenhouse Ensemble's 

6th 10-min Play Soiree


Directed by Sean Walsh


Virtual Reading

Directed by Hazen Cuyler

Film with puppets to be announced . . .

"Every morning I wake up, there’s this chaotic kind of being when I look in the mirror – it’s a static image of myself and it comes into conflict with who I really am."

- George 



Bernie Wohl Center, 


Directed by Hazen Cuyler


Greenhouse Ensemble's Virtual Quarantine Soiree

Episode 33

Directed by Christina Rose Ashby


A week after his Father passes away, Jacob dreams of him, and the time to reconcile their past begins to fade as a Tsunami wave heads right towards them.

"There’re these people in my dream world. I’ve never seen them in real life. They only exist in my dreams. Well these dream people start looking at me like . . . well, like you’re looking at me. . . .Strange, not understanding, frustrated. They’re upset with me. See my dream people are very smart, and they can sense my opinion of them -That they aren’t real . . . I mean they are just dream people, right?  . . .  but one night they circle around me and threaten me because. . . they want me to stop avoiding the patterns of my dreams with you."

- Jacob 


a science fiction musical 

writer's group.JPG



To live your entire life 
Without dreaming once?  
For dreams 
To travel 
Into another being?  
Who's sole purpose 
Is to store your dreams, 
Until your last heartbeat, 
Until the dreams you sacrificed your whole life, 
Are given back to you
In a dream world afterlife?
In 2186, it's not just possible 
It's normal
It's not just status quo
It's the law.



Greenhouse Ensemble

West 97th Street Theater, NY, NY

Directed by Spencer Scott



A collaboration of dance, performance art and dramatic writing to explore how an emotional need of absence can create meaning.

"a homeless man holds a cup of change. He looks down at a scab on his leg. He starts yelling. He starts screaming. He's opening the scab with his own hands. If he just holds his cup up, still, staring into nothing, he ends up with 5 or 10 dollars by the end of the night, but people walking by were scared to even look.  The homeless man serves a purpose,  he risks sleeping on the streets with Zero dollars and an empty stomach, because he must serve his purpose - “Why America? Why me?”"

- Juliana 

Dream Fragmention
While you wait
Here is Gone
Mama's Baby Boxer
Ghost Recording

""...the reason I was looking through the telescope wasn't to see some tiny light millions of miles away, but to see my dreams, for a split second, all of them, running through the dark sky...""

- Sebastian 


A riot occurs in a hospital’s behavioral health unit. The head nurse is blamed and fired and the next day passes away in her sleep. Her son Gonzalo checks into the same health unit as a patient, carrying his mother's urn. Gonzalo then reveals his plan to fight the patient who started the riot, an ex-prize boxer named Sammy the Screaming Giant.

Greenhouse Ensemble Playwrights Studio  Reading

a Stage Reading 

Directed by George Pappas



Inside the Yellow Brick Walls

Virtual Zoom Reading by Theatre Unmasked

During the Covid Pandemic, Paulie, an unemployed construction worker, becomes an actor on a low budget ghost reality TV show. A non-believer of the paranormal world, Paulie pretends and acts scared but tonight in an
abandoned Middle School, he witnesses something unimaginable yet real.

"What will I do now? . . . Who will I be if I don't have someone haunting me? "

- Thomas 



The Tank

Selected for Greenhouse Ensemble's Play Soiree. (Postponed due to Covid)

Directed by Hazen Cuyler,   


A restless mind


in the middle

of the night,


moments of nostalgia

in order

to fall back asleep.

Two best friends die in a car crash and are now  stuck in limbo on an old diesel train. They recount drunken memories of college and argue over whether to go to their graduation ceremony in spirit, or start the train, not knowing where the tracks will take them.



On Halloween, Ryan, a comedian is kicked off a prestigious University’s stage for an unacceptable joke. Him and his boyfriend Evan, discuss how to respond to the vitriol on social media, and whether throwing in the towel on an early standup career is the only option.


HB Studio | Playwriting Technique | Julie McKee

Greenhouse Ensemble Writer's Group | Spencer Scott

Greenhouse Ensemble | Play Reading Workshop | Kim Sharp

ESPA | Writing for Zoom | Lia Romeo

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